Birth chart reading

How your map can help you make decisions and get to know yourself better

Do you know what a birth chart reading is?

A birth chart is the reading of the sky from the moment you first breathed on planet Earth, calculated using the date, time and place where you were born. 

What do we see on a map?

The map has thousands of elements such as its sun (sign), moon and ascendant, known as triad, astrological houses and planets. Together, these elements form a manual or guide for this existence, bringing information about your personality, your talents and abilities, your challenges, your karmic issues and past life energies.

How does a reading work?

After confirmation of payment, you will receive a form with some important questions and the confirmation of your date, time, and place. With your answers, I make your natal chart and analyze the depth of your guide, taking into account the signs, astrological houses, and planets. You can also bring any questions you may have asked when filling out the form.

How does the consultation happen?

After my study, we attend to the scheduled day and time. The service, in the form of a chat, lasts one and a half hour. I record the service content so you can consult whenever you want.

How can reading my map help me?

  • To understand yourself better.
  • Expand your awareness.
  • Identify patterns of behavior and beliefs.
  • Recognize and integrate your gifts and talents.
  • Understand your temperament.
  • Discover what moves you and what attracts you to life.
  • Better understand your social, emotional, family and professional relationships.
  • Access unconscious vibrations on various subjects in life.
  • Connect with your deepest self.


Letícia patiently explained my Natal chart to me... That conversation was very important for me! There were so many insights and understandings of myself, she knows what she says and goes deep in the subjects, it was unforgettable! After that day I see myself differently, she showed me the strength I have to run after, what I wanted for me and for my life. It was a great experience! I'm grateful she made me understand my universe!

Kika Martinez
Kika Martinez

Letícia's curious and generous presence made reading my natal chart a memorable moment. I had done another reading in the past, but I never thought that we could go into so many details. It was fantastic to live this experience exactly on my birthday!

Laurence Dauphinais
Laurence Dauphinais

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